Our physiotherapy philosophy is centred around identifying and removing barriers to efficient and pain-free movement. During your initial consultation your physiotherapist will listen to your injury history and goals, watch you move, and perform functionally relevant tests. Treatment will depend on your goals but will usually include an individually constructed exercise program facilitated with hands on techniques as well as education regarding issues relevant to your recovery. 

Our physiotherapist Joe Rowley specialises in: 

  • Diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal pain and injuries 
  • Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of sports injuries 
  • Rehabilitation post surgery


Soft tissue therapy is a manual therapy approach directed primarily at the muscles, and connective tissues of the body with the purpose of decreasing soreness, improving mobility and enhancing recovery after activity. During your initial consultation your soft tissue therapist will listen to your goals, carry out relevant assessments and utilise a variety of hand on techniques to meet your individual needs. 

Our soft tissue therapist Roger Gooch specialises in: 

  • Treatment of musculoskeletal pain and injuries
  • Identifying and addressing mobility limitations in muscles, connective tissues and joints
  • Enhancing recovery from training and competition


Massage therapy is a time-tested treatment with a wide range of benefits including muscle and full body relaxation and the ability to enhance mood and sense of wellbeing. 

Our massage therapist Ashley May is skilled in:

  • Relaxation massage 
  • Therapeutic massage 
  • Pregnancy massage 


Performance coaching is the selection and implementation of specific training activities in order to target improvements in physical attributes. The key part to our approach is to ensure that what is learnt in training can be transferred to an individuals sport, occupation or recreational activity. Training plans are carefully designed and monitored to ensure that the individual is responding optimally to the training stimuli. 

Our performance coach Joe Rowley can help you achieve the following: 

  • Improve strength, power, speed, agility, flexibility and coordination
  • Improve sporting performance as well as general health and functionality 
  • Become more robust and injury resilient 


We are proud to have Taranaki Osteopathy working out of our facility. For more information or to make a booking with Aguirre Bonzon or Manon Buisson click here to visit their website. 



Acupuncture and Chinese medicine is now available at BodySmart.  For more information on Jeff Silver and Taranaki Acupuncture visit